Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals Class - $695

Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for advertising, marketing, graphic design, and website design professionals. This 2-day hands-on, instructor-led class covers the essential concepts, tools, and techniques you need to succeed.

Learn to navigate the Adobe Illustrator User Interface and Workspace. Get a solid grasp of how to use Layers and Artboards effectively. Explore different Types, such as Point, Area, Path, and Touch. Use common Shape and Drawing tools such as Line, Ellipse, Polygon, etc. Learn how to create Basic Outline and Detail Paths with the Pen Tool and Blob Brush. Edit Paths with the Eraser Tool, and learn how to cut out a Shape from a Path. Work with the Pen and Pencil tools, Anchor Points, and the Rotate tool. Apply Colors (including Custom Colors) and Patterns, Combine / Reuse Shapes, create Compound Paths.

Work with Symbol Tools and the Symbol Library. Learn how to edit or replace a Symbol. Create and edit 3D Effects & Mapping Symbols, Apply and save Graphic Styles, work with the Graphic Styles Library, add Styles with Additional Effects, Extrude Shapes and Text. You will become familiar with these tools and techniques as you create different projects during the two-day course.

Illustrator Fundamentals Class Schedule

Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals Class: thru

Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals Class: thru

Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals Class: thru